Commercial Kitchen Cleaning


Maintain compliance with TR/19 Grease and minimise your fire risk by keeping your kitchen extract system dust and grease free with our full kitchen extraction cleaning and degreasing service

On completion we provide full TR/19 certification and post clean report to satisfy your insurers, and enable you to continue to trade. With our certification and reports, you can trust that the job has been done right.


  • Photographic evidence of cleaning
  • Recommendation for future cleaning
  • Certificate of works complete
  • Micron Readings Pre-Post clean
  • Categorised list of maintenance concerns

TR/19 Certification

Our kitchen extract cleaning service adheres to the HVCA’s TR/19 best practice standard. On completion we provide full certification and reports for you to demonstrate to your insurers. With our certification and reports, you can trust that the job has been done right.

Why is Kitchen Extraction Cleaning Needed?

It’s a tough and very dirty job but we take this problem on for you. TR/19 Grease compliance and legislation such as Fire Risk Assessment, insurance needs and EHO compliance mean you can’t ignore it. The consequences of neglecting your kitchen duct cleaning can be severe for the individual responsible. But neglect can also have both mechanical and environmental implications for your business’s commercial viability.

It is estimated that over 70% of commercial kitchen fires start due to extraction canopies and ductwork being incorrectly maintained.

Fire has the potential to spread rapidly in an extraction system coated in fats, oils and grease, jeopardizing the safety of employees and customers and causing business closure. Removing these types of contaminants eliminates the origin of many commercial kitchen fires and therefore reduces the possibility of one occurring.