Fire Damper Testing

Fire damper testing

Why Do I Need Fire Damper Testing?

Fire dampers are a crucial part of any buildings fire safety system and need to be properly maintained to ensure that they are in top condition and working effectively as they should because if not, it could quite literally be the difference between life and death.

How Often Should Fire Dampers Be Checked?

It is now a legal requirement for fire dampers to be tested every year, and it is something that shouldn’t be put off or ignored. Fire damper testing is just as important as the regular testing of fire alarms to keep buildings safe and prepared in the event that a fire occurs.

What we provide

  • Supply inspection test results including drawings with annotated details
  • Digital photographic evidence of fire damper condition, before and after testing
  • Report on the condition of each fire damper
  • Maintain as appropriately, cleaning and lubricating to the level of pollution and degradation
  • Locate and test all fire and smoke dampers

when the time comes, they will work and do their job effectively. Fire dampers are crucial passive fire protection products that help to prevent the quick and dangerous spread of fire and smoke through building ductwork which penetrate fire and smoke barriers. They slow the progression of fire allowing people sufficient time to evacuate a building safely during a building fire. As with any safety apparatus, these need to be regularly tested and maintained in order to